Who we are

AMOSAFE – is a fire protection, safety and security systems, corporation dedicated since 1992 in lifesaving matters.
The idea of safety matters were grasped from, when its founder was a fire protection safety and security systems translator in one of the biggest seaports in the Middle East in early 1990’s. dealing with all technical terminologies and translating them, he become deeply involved with life saving engineering in combination with a hardworking and passion of his profession, led him to become a chief safety officer then promoted to the deputy of safety and security services project manager shouldering himself to head all the technical sectors of fire protection, safety and security and chemical hazard department of the seaport where he was inspired the eagerness to explore and study the engineering behind in fire protection systems and has engaged himself to become professional in fire protection systems.


The tenderness and affection of people’s life safety and property matter motivated him to further and go on with this challenging profession. In 2003 he has established a private corporation serving as a contractor providing services and expertise in fire protection safety and security systems in the seaport then in 2009 he has broadened his corporation to become one of the main contracting corporations in fire protection, safety and security systems in the inner city, outside of the seaport he has recruited non-fire protection technicians training them and upgrading them to become a very skillful workers providing to his clients a comprehensive fire protection system services from designing, installing, testing and commissioning. He worked with his clients as a team work in a patient manner, considering their ups and downs, meeting them and explaining to them what matters for the safety of their lives and properties in a pleasant demeanor challenging all obstructions towards the implementation of the projects he has committed for, and fulfilling their requirements enthusiastically to the end.
The diversity of the projects he has implemented for his various clients gained him a lot of valuable data base of experience.

Then in 2012 the name of AMOSAFE has come in to light and was successfully established in UK, It is an acronym of the founders’ name ‘AMO’ combined with his profession safety ‘SAFE’ so it represents (AMO & SAFE) together meaning; ‘with AMO you will be SAFE’, from the danger and the risks of fire and that is where the color RED was inspired from representing the danger in fire and the word SAFE represents the safety from the fire.

So this inspiring name was created and being born from the high imagination of its founder which is the core of his profession, hence it is similar to other humanitarian works that needs to be carried out with sincerity and loyalty because it involves and consists with the three pillars of the human’s most essence and valuable prospective of life which is Life safety, – Property safety and Money savings. Hence safety profession saves one’s life, keeps his investment to go forward and his property to stay safe and profitable.

The founder of AMOSAFE has well understood the philosophy and the goal behind of his profession and dedicated himself not to seek only financial earnings but also to value the safety and wellbeing of his clients and the community.
AMOSAFE has successfully implemented almost all types of lifesaving projects such as; Fire Suppression Systems: Wet sprinkler systems, Foam systems, Water mist systems, Deluge systems, and Gas fire suppression systems such as; CO2 and FM200, NOVAC and INERGEN etc., as well as Wet agents like Kitchen Hood Systems.
Also, Fire Alarm Systems: Addressable or Intelligent and Conventional Systems, as well as Fire alarm Wireless Systems. All types of Security Systems; Surveillance; CCTV Systems, Motion detection systems, Security barriers, perimeter security systems, Burglar systems and access control systems.
AMOSAFE has implemented fire protection systems in different types of areas and sites including but not limited to; Companies, Warehouses, Residential compounds, Hotels, schools, Hospitals, Factories, Restaurants, Automotive and heavy duty equipment, dealers, Prisons, Electric power rooms, Server Rooms, Paint Rooms, Gas or Patrol stations etc., Also carried-out maintenance and refilling works of all firefighting and Fire alarm systems including Portable fire extinguishers. He has done so many Safety projects; designing and installing fire evacuation systems, escape routes fire safety systems. Printing and installing safety pictogram sign boards according to the AHJ and the international body standards such NFPA and OSHA.

AMOSAFE has also carried-out many fire safety trainings, emergency time awareness, How to escape at the time of fires, disasters and emergencies conducted fire drills. How to use the portable fire extinguishers, fire hose reels, firefighting and fire alarm systems. The proper safely use of the heavy duty lift equipment such us, Forklifts and Mobile cranes, how to safely handle the high voltage power stations avoiding the danger of Arch flash and how to use properly the Tag-out and Lockout systems etc.,


AMOSAFE’s cornerstone success come from his continues innovation and progressiveness of his profession since it was founded more than 17 years ago and remains the driving force behind everything we do for lifesaving matters. Therefore, our vision is to extend and broaden our services to other parties of the world particularly in the home country, other African neighborhoods and the Middle East, where we can have more opportunities to build-up with more and more clients and experiences, share with them our expertise and contribute with their safety needs.