Conventional Fire Alarm Systems

addressable/Intelligent Fire Alarm Systems

Wireless Fire Alarm Systems

Conventional Fire Alarm Systems

Conventional fire alarm systems and their components are all connected to same cable. That connects to those components then to the main control panel. The control panel shows an alarm when those components detect a fire. The benefit of a conventional fire alarm system is that, because it is relatively inexpensive to install, and they work perfectly in small business and buildings.

Addressable or Intelligent Fire Alarm Systems

The addressable or intelligent fire alarm systems are more modern system compared to the conventional fire alarm system. Its components have unique identifiers. When a component sends a signal, you can see on the control panel where the alarm is coming from.

Wireless Fire Alarm systems

Wireless and Radio transmission technology has now become commonplace in businesses and homes and the ability to transmit secure data reliably without using cables; these systems provide a number of benefits over conventional wired fire alarm systems.

Hybrid Fire Alarm Systems

Hybrid alarm systems take the hard wired zone features on the conventional fire systems with the individual pinpoint system seen in addressable fire alarm systems and combined them into one control panel. This unified technology manages to fit some situations better than the other two fire alarm systems.